March 31, 2008

Work Has Commenced

Our friends at Taylormade Landscaping of Las Vegas has commenced work in our backyard to finish what we started. Spencer was able to lay the cement and stain it for us as well as put in the sprinkler system and grass but hasn't had anymore time to finish. These pictures really give you an idea of how small our backyard is and what we have to work with. Can you see some of the eye sores I was sharing with you in yesterday's post? Our a/c units, and free bbq we were able to get. More posts to come on this project. I can't wait to have a finished backyard.


liz said...

Oh - that will be so fun to have a relaxing place to go out and enjoy the sunshine. Projects like that can be stressful, but they sure are worth it in the end! I'm excited for the finished product!

Elizabeth said...

wow, your yard is's like my grandma's in San Francisco. Hopefully low maintenance, right? I like the patio, it's a nice color. I'm excited to see what it looks like finished!

That's so nice of you to comment about my pics. What size would you want for the cabin? I usually put an 8 by10 with a mat in a 11 by 14 frame. Do you want it framed? I normally do a really plain black frame. How about $40 for it unframed and $50 if you want it framed? Don't sweat shipping.
talk to you later!

Darleen said...

It looks great Marleen! Much better than the last time I saw it--it was just dirt. Now you have somewhere to sit and watch your tomato plant grow.

Julene said...

Spencer did a great job on your backyard. Maybe he can come over and help Brad set the cement for our porch.