August 24, 2009

Nora's Fancy Birthday

This year we decided we were only going to do a small party for Nora so she was only allowed to invite her two cousins in town. We thought it would save on cost which I'm sure it did but it still felt like a pretty penny.

She wanted a fancy tea party based off the Fancy Nancy books. It turned out very cute and very 'fancy' according to what little girls find fancy. I usually love making homemade cakes or cupcakes but again was not as ambitious (because I'm pregnant), as I usually am so we opted for The Cupcakery here in Vegas. I love how their frosting has edible glitter to top it off.

August 23, 2009

Reunion Trip

One of our summer vacations was to our yearly reunion for Spencer's extended family in Lava Hot Springs, ID. Our families favorite parts were the kid activities, including making bubbles with hangers and swinging on the little playground. Spencer and I got to play golf in the family Gunnar Cup Golf Tournament, which we love. We didn't place well but we had fun doing it none the less.

Then we traveled back to see Grandma G perform in the choir and tour Temple Square. It was a short trip but was full of good times and great memories.

August 20, 2009

Aubrey's Birthday

I must relay to you that as of late I have been unmotivated to blog much. For now, I will blame it on being pregnant. But alas, I cannot allow Fall to come without any updating.

We had a wonderful time for Aubrey's 2nd birthday. No major party or theme just a small family gathering and celebration for my 'bubber boo'. Aubrey was ecstatic about receiving a wooden stove top range with baking set. It has been fun to watch her and Nora pretend to cook up some fabulous spreads and eat them up!