August 20, 2009

Aubrey's Birthday

I must relay to you that as of late I have been unmotivated to blog much. For now, I will blame it on being pregnant. But alas, I cannot allow Fall to come without any updating.

We had a wonderful time for Aubrey's 2nd birthday. No major party or theme just a small family gathering and celebration for my 'bubber boo'. Aubrey was ecstatic about receiving a wooden stove top range with baking set. It has been fun to watch her and Nora pretend to cook up some fabulous spreads and eat them up!


Quinn and Ang said...

I'm glad to see Aubrey had a good birthday! Shes already getting bigger! I feel really bad I didn't get to say goodbye to lots of people including you. Quinn got laid off on a Thursday and we were gone by Monday-it was the end of the month and we didn't want to pay any more rent! I guess it was just rotten luck that you guys weren't at church that Sunday. If we are ever back in the area I'll be sure to let you know. Overall things are going well here. We are living with my in-laws until we can buy a house, and Quinn has decided to spend the time until work starts in January to take the CPA exam. I just feel like things happened this way for a reason but I'm not really sure what that reason is! As for ladies night you might just have to pick up the ball...if you need any email addresses let me know. I've still got them all in a group. By the way how is Jessica doing? Okay so this is probably the longest comment ever...probably should have just sent you an email!!

Lisa said...

It's so good to hear from you. Glad you had a fun birthday for your girl.

Rob and Mercedi said...

SOOO excited to see a post from you!! Since living here I feel so out of the loop but through the wonderful world of blogging I can see how everyone is doing. We miss you guys so much! We are having settlers withdrawls and playing with just the two of us isn't very fun. Of course we miss you for other reasons too.
Aubrey looks darling playing with her cook set. She is so cute and I can't believe she's two! What a doll!
How have you been feeling? Do you know boy or girl yet? How was your summer? Can you tell I just want a full update? I guess I should have written an email too!

The Gunnerson Family said...

Happy birthday, Aubrey. Now it is almost time for Nora's! Congrats on the pregnancy. I hope you are feeling well. Rick told me what you were having, how funny! I don't know how that happens.

Vicki said...

Love the pic of Aubrey with her new cookset - she is so focused!