November 29, 2007

O Christmas Tree

Before the trimming

Nora has been really getting into the whole Christmas thing this year.
I love sitting and looking at our Christmas tree. It gives our home a certain feeling that I'm sure your familiar with. Some of the ornaments tell stories from our past. Others are just there for enjoyment. I think a Christmas tree tells alot about a family. What does your Christmas tree look like?

Grandpa's Casket

I thought that my grandpa's casket and flowers were beautiful. The flowers were specially picked out. They were gladiolas, roses, daisy's, snapdragons, and mums. All flowers that he use to grow in his garden.

Nora at the Funeral

Nora for the most part was pretty mild mannered at the graveside. I new she was done with it though when I went looking for her and found her running and playing with the leaves on the opposite side of the cemetery. We thought Grandma had her. She can be such a sneak. Doesn't the last picture look like she is praying? That or as my dad would say, contemplating her navel.

Family at the Funeral

The women of the family

My father and all my brothers were able to go

My sisters Darleen and Christine. Julene was having herself a baby the evening before.

November 28, 2007

Grandpa's Funeral

My grandfather Mckay's funeral was beautiful. Each child of his was able to share a little about him being a father, husband, worker, and community supporter. It's amazing what you can learn about someone you thought you really knew about your whole life at their funeral. I can see why I have such an amazing mother because of the influential father she had. I'll be posting more about the funeral because it was so nice and was a wonderful way to start off the holidays reminiscing with family.

Bosom Buddies

Cousin Caleb and Nora cozying up to a movie

Are they not so cute! You can't tell as much in this picture but Nora has her hand on Caleb's back.
"Ring around the rosy"

This past Thanksgiving week Nora was able to hang out with her closest in age cousin from Spencer's side of the family. They are about 3 months apart. Before this trip they were too young to know who the other was so it was fun to see them interact with each other. There of course were the tough moments of taking turns and sharing fits but for the most part they tagged along with each other and played with each other fairly well. If they were apart during the trip they were always asking where the other one was. Nora is going to miss her cousin and we will miss their family who live so far away in Florida. Although we are hoping to take a trip out to them in the summertime and live it up in Orlando.

November 27, 2007

Picture Perfect

We just got a new SLR camera! Merry Christmas to us. We got the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTI from Costco with zoom lens and bag. I'm still trying to figure out all the bells and whistles so pictures will soon be in tow.

November 14, 2007

Family Pics are in!

Wahoo! Are pictures are in and they turned out great. Nora was such a hassle I didn't think we got any good family pictures but there ended up being a few I really like. The girls individual pictures are awesome. What beauties I have. Take a look here and a big thank you to Heather Gibb Photography.

November 13, 2007

Looking Back

We received some pictures in the mail from my husband's friend Jake of our wedding. This is after waiting for them the 3 years we have been married. We still love you Jake.

Jake is an up and coming photographer out of SLC, UT. As well as a hospital manager, home owner, and very available single guy. Here are a few of the pictures I loved that he took.

It has been great to look back at one of the best moments of my life and reminisce from a different stand point then the pictures I've been looking at for the past 3 years. Enjoy.

Since we didn't have any bridesmaids or groomsmen all the women in the immediate family wore flower wristband corsages. The men in the family wore leaf and berry boutonnieres.

Turkey Trot Fun

I read recently in Health magazine an article on a fun tradition for Thanksgiving day or weekend. Why not incorporate in the daily traditions of eating, sleeping, eating, hanging out with family, more eating, and lounging some feel good exercise. Start an annual "Turkey Trot" run/walk with the family.
I was planning on entering into a 5k run on the morning of Thanksgiving but didn't want to spend time away from family we don't usually get to see. The perfect solution...a family "Turkey Trot".
We are planning on being with my husbands family that week and so far most of them are supportive of the new tradition. Hopefully, it won't interfere with another great tradition, the "Turkey Bowl". There is nothing like roughing it up with family on a field playing two hand touch football. Whatever you plan find a fun activity with the family that might get you up off your toosh.

November 11, 2007

I Love You This Much!

Nora loves Aubrey...

a little too much.

Nora adores her baby sister Aubrey. Aubrey loves her big sister Nora. Today, they were sitting on the couch together with Nora sitting and Aubrey laying next to her with her feet near Nora's stomach. I guess with Aubrey's feet so close to Nora's head it just was too tempting for Nora. So, Nora took one of Aubrey's big toes and bit down hard.

Now, I don't feel this was done out of malice but out of love for Aubrey's big toe. Sometimes, I have had that overwhelming feeling of love for both my babes and just want to squeeze them so tight that it might be too tight for any normal human being to breath let alone a child to breath. Yet, I refrain from doing so because I know better.

Well, Nora was put in time out and we explained to her why we don't bite each other. Hopefully, she will know better next time and will be able to stand up to that overwhelming desire to show that love for her sister or her big toe in such a way.

If it hadn't of made my baby cry so hard it would have made me laugh.

Sleeping Beauties

Sunday nap time was great! Every nap time for Nora and Aubrey are great but if they are in sync with each other even better.
Nora was antsy and couldn't stay in her big bed so ended up in the crib with no clean sheets on. She woke up drenched if you can imagine. Aubrey ended up on the family room floor and has recently started a habit of laying her right arm and hand over her face. Why that side, no one knows.
Nevertheless, they napped at the same time and that my friends is when things actually get done and not just half done but all the way done. Time is not only money but key to an organized home, where a good spirit can be felt.
Usually after their long naps I'm excited to have them up again so we can hangout together yet today was nice to admire them asleep and admire my clean and organized home.
Sleep on beauties playtime sometimes comes too soon.

November 9, 2007

Tribute to a Great Man

McKay Christensen
May 16, 1911-
November 09, 2007

McKay and Josephine

My Parents wedding (Grandpa Christensen on right end)

My Grandfather passed away this evening. It has been a bittersweet time since. We have felt for the past year or so that it was time for him to go back home to his beloved wife.

He will be sorely missed leaving behind six living children, thirty nine grandchildren, and 60+ great grandchildren.

He is one who lived his life to the fullest.

Just a few interesting things about him.

  • Grandpa and his siblings started up a business when he graduated from high school.

  • With good business sense it survived the Great Depression.

  • He married an amazing return missionary.

  • He was an amazing master gardener. We loved Grandpa's produce from his garden. He also won in some local flower growing shows.

  • He was an investment guru and made well for himself and his family in the stock market.

He had a deep and abiding love for my grandmother and that is why this is a sweet moment for me and my family. He returns home to a loving wife, son, parents, and thousands of people who he helped fulfill their temple ordinances.

I wanted to share a part of a love letter to my grandpa from my grandma:

Both happiness and sadness bring that overwhelming appreciation and affection for our companion. Most of life is made up of neither disaster nor unusual celebrating, but of routine, calm, everyday events in which we participate and more or less take each other for granted. And during these times I enjoy the quiet serene love that actually surpasses the big events that draw so deeply on emotions. Our love is not as effervescent nor on display, but it runs deep and solid. I know you are there, loving me, caring for me in your quiet way...and regardless of inattention due to outside attraction we both know we are loved and are close to each other...Let us go on together hand in hand as we walk this earthly life, on into eternity, for I want always to be your eternal sweetheart: Your darling. Josephine

With a heavy heart and tears in my eyes, farewell Grandpa. I will miss you for this time on earth and look forward to a happy reunion on into eternity. I love you.

Love your granddaughter,


My Parents wedding (Grandpa on the right end)

November 7, 2007

Two Different Girls


It is amazing to me that I have my two little girls in my life. It is also amazing to me how different they are from each other. Nora, was always such a chunk and was more temperamental as a baby. Aubrey, is very small usually ending up below average on her measurements and is a very even keel babe. I came across their baby blessing pictures and thought they both looked very similar in size to each other. Yet, they are definitely two different girls when it comes to looks and personalities. I love my girls. Aren't they just so pretty?

Some Favorites

One of my sisters introduced our family to this great photographer who we used a couple of years ago. We liked her so much that we are using her again. So, I just recently purchased two items to wear for our family photo shoot this Friday and received them in the mail today. Of course I had to try them on to see if they fit and would work for our pictures. I bought these cute shoes and this cute top and they are now my two favorites in the closet.

November 6, 2007

Constructive Time

So, I was impressed first that my brother in-law does a daddy day with his children but also secondly that he took his son to this fun Home Depot kids workshop for one of those days. These workshops are free to the public for kids aged 5-12. I'm excited for fun experiences like this when my girls get older. Call your local Home Depot for when the next one is.

Anticipated Event

The time has come to jump on the band wagon and begin to blog. I'm hesitant in doing this, being under the shadow of such amazing bloggers in my family such as my sister Darling Darleen and sister in-law Waite for Carolyn. Even my brother in-law has ventured into the blogging world and come out triumphant. Others to note are under my family and friends section. All truly inspirational. We shall see how this goes in helping me record family happenings and a few of my favorite things. I hope this will be enjoyable for you and as well for me. The picture is there just for looksies. It is one of our most recent. So here it goes, blog on!