November 13, 2007

Turkey Trot Fun

I read recently in Health magazine an article on a fun tradition for Thanksgiving day or weekend. Why not incorporate in the daily traditions of eating, sleeping, eating, hanging out with family, more eating, and lounging some feel good exercise. Start an annual "Turkey Trot" run/walk with the family.
I was planning on entering into a 5k run on the morning of Thanksgiving but didn't want to spend time away from family we don't usually get to see. The perfect solution...a family "Turkey Trot".
We are planning on being with my husbands family that week and so far most of them are supportive of the new tradition. Hopefully, it won't interfere with another great tradition, the "Turkey Bowl". There is nothing like roughing it up with family on a field playing two hand touch football. Whatever you plan find a fun activity with the family that might get you up off your toosh.


Tommy & Amy said...

Yeah for the turkey trot/turkey bowl. I'm sure we can incorporate both somehow.

Darleen said...

I think it's a great idea! It will make you feeling not so over stuffed and give you a good reason to splurge.

Danalin said...

Love it! I am all about 5ks and such these days. Well, not as much "these days" since I'm 6 months pregnant. But I could still do a run like that, right?! I'm going to e-mail my husband's fam and see what they think. Thanks for the tip!