November 6, 2007

Constructive Time

So, I was impressed first that my brother in-law does a daddy day with his children but also secondly that he took his son to this fun Home Depot kids workshop for one of those days. These workshops are free to the public for kids aged 5-12. I'm excited for fun experiences like this when my girls get older. Call your local Home Depot for when the next one is.


campblondie said...

I am thrilled to be able to check in on you! Also thrilled to have another creative and genius to look to for inspiration. Note to self: Put Marleen on the list of people to be like right next to Darleen. Check.

Brad said...

Allyse gets to go with me in December. The project is a "Memory Tray." Don't ask me what a Memory Tray is, because I am not quite sure what distinguishes between a tray for tea cups and a tray for memories. It just sounded like something that Allyse would like.