November 9, 2007

Tribute to a Great Man

McKay Christensen
May 16, 1911-
November 09, 2007

McKay and Josephine

My Parents wedding (Grandpa Christensen on right end)

My Grandfather passed away this evening. It has been a bittersweet time since. We have felt for the past year or so that it was time for him to go back home to his beloved wife.

He will be sorely missed leaving behind six living children, thirty nine grandchildren, and 60+ great grandchildren.

He is one who lived his life to the fullest.

Just a few interesting things about him.

  • Grandpa and his siblings started up a business when he graduated from high school.

  • With good business sense it survived the Great Depression.

  • He married an amazing return missionary.

  • He was an amazing master gardener. We loved Grandpa's produce from his garden. He also won in some local flower growing shows.

  • He was an investment guru and made well for himself and his family in the stock market.

He had a deep and abiding love for my grandmother and that is why this is a sweet moment for me and my family. He returns home to a loving wife, son, parents, and thousands of people who he helped fulfill their temple ordinances.

I wanted to share a part of a love letter to my grandpa from my grandma:

Both happiness and sadness bring that overwhelming appreciation and affection for our companion. Most of life is made up of neither disaster nor unusual celebrating, but of routine, calm, everyday events in which we participate and more or less take each other for granted. And during these times I enjoy the quiet serene love that actually surpasses the big events that draw so deeply on emotions. Our love is not as effervescent nor on display, but it runs deep and solid. I know you are there, loving me, caring for me in your quiet way...and regardless of inattention due to outside attraction we both know we are loved and are close to each other...Let us go on together hand in hand as we walk this earthly life, on into eternity, for I want always to be your eternal sweetheart: Your darling. Josephine

With a heavy heart and tears in my eyes, farewell Grandpa. I will miss you for this time on earth and look forward to a happy reunion on into eternity. I love you.

Love your granddaughter,


My Parents wedding (Grandpa on the right end)


campblondie said...

So beautiful. Clearly he left an amazing legacy. Don't ask why I am crying, that

Shay said...

Wow...what a great post about grandpa. It brought tears to my eyes! Thanks so much for sharing that love letter...they truely loved each other so much and are such a great example to me. I can't believe he is really gone is so bittersweet. I'm glad we got to see him this summer at the reunion. He is an amazing man. I love the photos you posted of him! I hope you are doing good...take care!

Carolyn said...

Thanks for the love letter! Grandma was so eloquent. I treasure the example they were to me in that short time I knew them.

Danalin said...

Marleen, I have come across your name on many a blog and thought, I wonder if that's the Marleen I know? Just today I clicked to see if it was really is so fun to see you as a mom! Your girls are both so beautiful. You are beautiful! I love that blogging has reconnected me with so many people that I normally wouldn't know how to/have the time to keep updated on. I know that you are an incredible mom. Are you still in Vegas? Feel free to check in on me and my little family!

Your grandpa sounds like such a great man. I am so thankful for the perspective that the Gospel puts on the passing of a loved one.

Marleen said...

I too love how the blogging community reconnects you to past friendships. Thank you for your comment. I'll be checking out your blog so expect some comments from my end.

Brad said...

Thanks, Marleen. I was working on a tribute to Grandpa Christensen, but thanks to you, there is no need.

Darleen said...

That was beautiful and very well put! I love hime so much. It's been fun looking back at his life. I feel so lucky that he's MY grandpa.

Mother said...

Dear Marleen,

He was my Papa, my Daddy, my Father. The one who taught me how a man should treat a woman. Because of the love of my earthly father, I learned easily to love my Heavenly Father. I am honored to have been his daughter.

Love, Mother