November 28, 2007

Bosom Buddies

Cousin Caleb and Nora cozying up to a movie

Are they not so cute! You can't tell as much in this picture but Nora has her hand on Caleb's back.
"Ring around the rosy"

This past Thanksgiving week Nora was able to hang out with her closest in age cousin from Spencer's side of the family. They are about 3 months apart. Before this trip they were too young to know who the other was so it was fun to see them interact with each other. There of course were the tough moments of taking turns and sharing fits but for the most part they tagged along with each other and played with each other fairly well. If they were apart during the trip they were always asking where the other one was. Nora is going to miss her cousin and we will miss their family who live so far away in Florida. Although we are hoping to take a trip out to them in the summertime and live it up in Orlando.


Darleen said...

Ahh....they are so cute! Did Nora get to be the boss this time around? I love see the interaction of cousins.

Marleen said...

I think both had their fair share of being the boss. They were hilarious.