November 11, 2007

Sleeping Beauties

Sunday nap time was great! Every nap time for Nora and Aubrey are great but if they are in sync with each other even better.
Nora was antsy and couldn't stay in her big bed so ended up in the crib with no clean sheets on. She woke up drenched if you can imagine. Aubrey ended up on the family room floor and has recently started a habit of laying her right arm and hand over her face. Why that side, no one knows.
Nevertheless, they napped at the same time and that my friends is when things actually get done and not just half done but all the way done. Time is not only money but key to an organized home, where a good spirit can be felt.
Usually after their long naps I'm excited to have them up again so we can hangout together yet today was nice to admire them asleep and admire my clean and organized home.
Sleep on beauties playtime sometimes comes too soon.

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Darleen said...

Nap time is the best part of the day! Yay for them sleeping at the same time. And I LOVE that bracelet Aubrey is wearing.