November 11, 2007

I Love You This Much!

Nora loves Aubrey...

a little too much.

Nora adores her baby sister Aubrey. Aubrey loves her big sister Nora. Today, they were sitting on the couch together with Nora sitting and Aubrey laying next to her with her feet near Nora's stomach. I guess with Aubrey's feet so close to Nora's head it just was too tempting for Nora. So, Nora took one of Aubrey's big toes and bit down hard.

Now, I don't feel this was done out of malice but out of love for Aubrey's big toe. Sometimes, I have had that overwhelming feeling of love for both my babes and just want to squeeze them so tight that it might be too tight for any normal human being to breath let alone a child to breath. Yet, I refrain from doing so because I know better.

Well, Nora was put in time out and we explained to her why we don't bite each other. Hopefully, she will know better next time and will be able to stand up to that overwhelming desire to show that love for her sister or her big toe in such a way.

If it hadn't of made my baby cry so hard it would have made me laugh.


Kathleen said...

i LIKE the way you attribute the action to love! That is a very good way to explain our love and to try to contain it without making tears.

You're a great Mama.

Love, Mother

The Gunnerson Family said...

Hey you guys. I am so glad that you have a blog! Even though I feel like I keep up on you pretty well it is always fun to see little things like beautiful sleeping girls, and sisters who love eachother so much.

Darleen said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe Nora bit her. I hope she is okay. Love that sisterly love.

Jadi said...

This story reminded me of someone who Geoff use to work with. His son was about the same age as Nora and they also had a baby. The little boy picked up a hammer and was about to hit the baby in the head with it when they caught him. It is amazing how durable babies are. :) I am glad Aubrey is OK. I love the cute pictures of the girls sleeping.

Patrice said...

Marleen: I found your blog through Olivia's. I love the love toe biting story. I can relate. I accidentally bit my nephews finger when he was a baby for the same reason... and I am an adult. So I'm sure it was pure love, and a complete accident. Perhaps she just hasn't mastered nibbling with your lips instead of your teeth. I'm loving your blog!