March 12, 2008


Tonight for dinner I tried something new. I rolled us some sushi. I was worried that it would be all for nothing, that the insides would all fall out and we'd have to eat it with a fork and I didn't have a sushi mat so instead I used saran wrap. In the end they actually turned out very yummy. I forgot to take a picture of it so you get just a generic picture. They were veggi cut rolls of course and I used Braggs liquid Aminos in lieu of soy sauce. So good and very easy. Eden foods has great instructional steps to sushi with pictures if you are wanting to try at home.


Darleen said...

I've always wanted to try sushi at home but fear that it would all come apart. They came out so good and look yummy. Yum...Did it take a long time to prepare?

Darleen said...

Ooops...just read that you didn't take the picture!

campblondie said...

Impressive my friend, very impressive!