March 30, 2008

Bud Vases

A while back I found Jamali Garden off of Oh Happy Day and have since gone back to check out the pretty eye candy they have. Spring reminds me that I have yet to purchase the bud vases I've been wanting. I love the look of these vases and could find many places for each style. Jamali Garden also has willow fencing for the cheapest I've seen around. Have yet to hear of the quality though. Our air conditioning units take up about an 1/8th of our backyard and for our tiny yard that becomes an eye sore. Willow screens may do the trick although my dream would be for my honey to build me some cedar wood screens. Send some good luck my way, please.


Vicki said...

I LOVE vases. Have youever looked at my cupboard above the microwave? An inexpensive option for small (very) blooms is mismatched salt and pepper shakers, all different shapes and sizes. In the spring, I like to put a different bloom in each of these and spread them across my kitchen window sill above my sink. Mom G.

Marleen said...

That is a great idea. Thanks.

Jadi said...

Thanks for sharing the fun links. I a have already checked out Oh Happy Day!