March 27, 2008

Daily Dose

"School thy feelings; there is power In the cool, collected mind."

(“School Thy Feelings,” Hymns, no. 336)

Gordon B. Hinckley, “Slow to Anger,” Liahona, Nov 2007, 62–63, 66


Shay said...

Love that photo along with the hymn! Thanks so much for sharing!

The Gunnerson Family said...

Who is doing your family recipe book? Is it just you or your mom and all your sisters. It sounds like a great idea! I have always wanted my mom to do a recipe book because she is such a great cook and I would love to have all her recipes! I have been making a list for almost a year of recipes that someday I want to make into a recipe book for my daughters (you know, all the daughters I have!). Give me the details of your Waite family cookbook!

Darleen said...

I guess I should take deep breaths before I explode.