March 26, 2008

Wishing to be a Foodie

In blog hopping I was able to find this wonderful site for people who love food. It was hard to pry away from all the food fun there. Enjoy. For the recipe of the strawberry delight click here.

{via epicurious}


Jadi said...

Thanks for sharing this site. I always love to find new recipe sites. This recipe for strawberry delight looks delicious!

Lisa said...


You post pictures of the most incredible looking food I've seen. I want to reach into my computer and pick it up and eat it.

I want to come over to your house and see what you guys eat for dinner.

When is the reunion? Are the Huber's doing it?

Darleen said...

That looks really yummy.

Billie Sue said...

Marleen, this is Olivia's Mom, Billie Sue. Obviously I have looked at your blog occasionally, as I knew Spencer previous to your marriage and I have heard Olivia and Patrice talk about you. I just wanted to thank you for a couple of things I have found on your blog and made use of the information. I have am avid essential oils person. I norally order mine from Young Living, but the oils I use are fairly costly. I had switched to Wild Oats, as they were much more cost-effective for the 100% therapeutic grade. However, in reading your blog, I must thank you for the tip on Mountain Rose Herbs and Oils. I ordered the frankincense, myrrh and rosemary and their prices were even better than Wild Oats for the 100%. I don't mind buying peppermint from GNC or even myrrh (which is a blend and only 20%) for a base for an oil blend Olivia's Dad uses on his shoulder, but I use myrrh for myself for oral hygiene and a facial hydration. Young Living charges $91 for frankincense compard to $17.99 at Mountain Rose -- such a great bargain! Thank you!
Also, the picture of the clay pots with the flower seeds was a great idea I incorporated for our Relief Society birthday party's decor. I used the clay pots, seed packets and made some seed packets with "charity" seeds. It looked beautiful and put the theme across nicely. Looking at your blog is like thumbing through a magazine filled with good ideas!

liz said...

um, that looks DIVINE! Thanks for sharing!