March 6, 2008

Bridal Shower

This afternoon I went to a bridal shower for a friend and had to take some photos of some of the fun items there. I was amazed at the hostesses self taught ability of molding fondant into something fun to look at. She also handmade the paper flowers after being inspired by a Pottery Barn product. The take home goodies were chocolate covered pretzels and suckers which were also homemade. Nora is very excited to eat the sucker. My favorite gift given to the bride to be was a candy bra and panties.


LisaRD said...

I found your blog through Darleen's blog who is a friend of my sister in law... you have such great ideas and I loved the shower ideas. The candy bra hint made me laugh "Hint: Don't swim swim with it on".

Darleen said...

That looks like a really fun bridal shower. Love all of her ideas and I want to know where you got that candy bra. I have a few bridal showers coming up--that would be a good gift.

Jadi said...

I love the homemade flowers and cake! Thanks for sharing the photos.