July 22, 2008


I love the look of Thrive food storage. I'm thinking my shelves would look very happy with some of their cans on them. I don't think my wallet would be as happy though. So, for now they are just nice to look at. Have any of you tried their products? I'm curious if they are good.


DeMarcos Forever said...

No, I haven't, but they sure look darling!!!

Carolyn said...

Yeah, wouldn't that be nice if I not only had all my food storage, but it also looked so lovely as these cans!

I just started following a lady's blog who started to help us all buy our food storage slowly - 3 months at a time. She posts each week on the side of her blog what to add to your grocery list and how much for each person. Last week it was oats. This week it is peanut butter. The site is: http://beehiveandbirdsnest.blogspot.com/

Marleen said...

Oh, I will be going to her blog. Thanks.