July 28, 2008

Pictures, Again?

A family reunion would not be complete without a family picture. It is not that Spencer and I are really into getting family photos done all the time we just happen to be the lucky recipients of generous parents. So, our family headed over to Memory Grove Park in Salt Lake City to take some pictures by this guy. The one picture he has posted on his blog is great you've got to take a look. I'm posting some pictures my sister-in-law, Wendy, took while we were there. These cute babes our the grand kids on Spencer's side. They are all so very cute.


Vicki said...

I really don't think I am prejudiced, but aren't these kids adorable?!!!

Julene said...

Looks like you are having fun. I love the pictures. Darling Grandkids. Miss you.

Darleen said...

Oh I miss Memory Grave. That's where we got married! How fun. They are all so cute.