July 3, 2008

Hello, Esther

I recently purchased and received my very own Esther Williams swimsuit. It has been so frustrating trying to find bathing suits that are somewhat modest. I love how this line of swimwear has given me another option.

I chose the Classic Shealth in white because it reminded me of something right out of an old 50's black and white movie. I have to mention, it has been one of my favorite fitting bathing suits and I finally feel comfortable walking outside of the swimming pool without covering up with a towel. I'm thinking of getting the same style with black polka dots next.

{pics via retro dress and esther williams}


Julie said...

Way cute Marleen! I can't wait to see you in it now....Shade also has some way cute modest swimsuits...I bought one and I actually feel Modest with some great support! I love when I find a swimsuit i like...bceause it NEVER happens.

Darleen said...

You look HOT in that swimsuit.

Marleen said...

Why, thank you. It was fun to go swimming with you and the kids when you were here. Miss you.