January 2, 2008

Springs Preserve

We have had the pleasure of having my brother Nathan's family in town for the past week and thought it might be nice to stop into the Springs Preserve's Winter Festival of lights. Although they didn't have the best festival of lights we had fun watching a cute puppet show for the kids, sipping hot cocoa, and listening to a youth orchestra. Nora was loving the music played by the youth orchestra so much that she got up and danced the whole time. That was the best part of the night watching our two year old get down to classical sonnets and Christmas songs. The youth orchestra was playing to raise money for a Europe trip (which they truly deserve because they were so good) but I think Nora stole the show with her awesome dance moves. Fun times.

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Darleen said...

It looks like it's cold in Vegas--you guys are all warmly bundled up. Looks like a fun event to go to.

The DeMarcos said...

We were thinking about going to that. Maybe next year. Looks like you had fun, even if the lights weren't great.