January 18, 2008

Organize This

Again, there are many places in my home to organize. I'm also looking at my closet space and office space to tidy up. I would love to have a mail station like this, that would help me to stay on top of writing thank you's, notes, and birthday cards to friends and family.
I also have a serious problem with storing the magazines I can't seem to give up. I like the look of this magazine box.
In my linen closet I like to have my sheets separated from my towels and color coordinated by whites and colors. I don't have anything to separate them so they tend to get jumbled up out of place. Kangaroom Storage has some great looking collapsible boxes to help me out there.


Carolyn said...

Very cute and great ideas!

And when you figure out how to organize all that paper clutter which accumulates on top of the computer desk (or at least at my house) please fill free to let me know! Thanks.

Jadi said...

I have been trying to find time to sit down and organize things. You just motivated me to do so. Thanks for the great ideas! I am also very impressed with how professional your blog always looks. You are very talented!

The Gunnerson Family said...

Oh my Marleen, you are taking New Year's resolutions to a whole new level. You seriously make me feel pretty lazy!

Alysia said...

Wow, I could take some serious lessons. I struggle in the organization department. You find such cute things!

Darleen said...

Love, love, love it all! I'm going to get it all done this year--all the crap organized. I'm working on it.