June 25, 2008

Weck Home Canning Jars

I'm thinking of purchasing some of these canning jars I heard about on this post. They would look so pretty in with my food storage. Have any of you ever used any canning jars similar to the Weck Canning jars? Are there pluses and minuses to using them versus using traditional American canning jars? Any comments would be nice. Just for your pleasure, the second picture I found on a food blog and have to share the recipe. It looks so tasty and easy.


jennie w. said...

Hi, I found your blog through another blog that I found through another blog.:-) I have been using the Weck jars for a few years now. I make jam in the little squat deco jars. I bought mine directly from the Weck website since they were cheaper that way. I love them. They are so pretty. They are really easy to can with. Well, they're a tiny bit harder since you have to put clamps on instead of screw on a lid, but that's not much of a difference. Once the seal has formed shortly after removing from the water bath, you take off the clamps. You can tell if a vacuum seal has formed or not by simply wiggling the lid. If there is a proper seal the lid won't budge. They open really easily when you're ready to use them. There is no stubborn metal lid to pry off like tradtional canning jars. You simply pull the rubber tab and the seal is broken. You can also order plastic lids to put on the jars once they are opened since the glass lids by themselves don't stay on too well. So definitely buy a pack of those (I think a pack of five is about $2.00 from the website). Also get a whole bunch of extra rubber rings so you don't have to order more for a couple of years (like canning lids they can only be used once.)
OK, this turned into quite a novel! You can pop over to my blog if you have any more questions.

Marleen said...


leslie said...

Hi.. I also have been using these for years now... I love all of the sizes... I used the tiny ones to store herbs... and the very large ones as flower vases and storage jars for crafts. the canning sizes are wonderful... and you will fall in love with these jars!