June 8, 2008

Vacation 1

Since Spencer was able to take off an extra day of work we took an extended stay in Utah to visit his side of the family. We had fun up at his parents cabin near Park City. Spencer took Nora fishing for the first time and had quality time playing horseshoes with the guys. I got some quiet time for reading and attempted playing horseshoes.

We ventured to Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City where Nora couldn't get enough of the animals and seemed so perplexed that they didn't have a lion which is one of her favorite animals. Then Nora and Aubrey had a hula'f a time at their cousins 1st birthday luau party and we finished off our trip by celebrating Spencer's sister, Sarah's, graduation with her. We just love hanging out with our family.

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Vicki said...

So fun to have you with us. The zoo was so fun, as was the cabin. Love you all!