August 18, 2008

The Royal Bash

If you invite them, they will come. The princes and princesses came to celebrate Princess Nora's birthday with us in our home Saturday. Nora received her very own princess dress in the morning and was so excited to wear it for the party. We had tiaras for all the princesses and crowns with swords for the princes. When all arrived they got to start the party by making edible bracelets and eating lunch. Then they played a matching card game with prizes. We ended with a princess cake and opening the presents. Oh, I almost forgot, Cinderella (my sister Julene dressed up for me), also came to visit the little princesses and princes. Julene (my sister), even got into character and chatted with the kids about how she lived in a castle with Prince Charming, yada yada yada. Is she not great. I of course didn't take enough pictures because I was directing the party. But here are a few that I hope will help you get a picture of how the party went.


Cami said...

Thanks a bunch. Taylor has never had so much fun. Cinderella was a dream come true for her. Great party, and yeah, that coleslaw sandwich is a keeper, now I'm craving it.

Haylee said...

Wow! Marleen!! You did such a great job!! It looks like a blast! Way to go!!

Darleen said...

Marleen the party is adorable! I love how all the girls (and moms) dressed up for the royal bash. And it looks like it was a bash indeed. I can see that Nora had a great time and that's the most important thing.