August 5, 2008

Jake + Jessica

Last weekend Spencer's good friend Jake got married to this beauty. We are so excited for the both of them. Jake has always been more of a brother then just a good friend to Spencer. It was fun catching up with Spencer's buddies while there. Loved the green and white colors for the wedding.

Jake and Spencer. If you can imagine little ol' me (5' nothing) next to Jake (6' 3"). It would have been comical. Really. Both Jake and I really feel uncomfortable standing next to each other.

Had to show the pic of Nora looking at the pretty princess while taking a picture with Jake and Jessica.


Darleen said...

He is tall! I love the picture of Nora looking at the bride. I'm sure she was so excited to get so close to her.

The DeMarcos said...

I think I know her. Is she from Montana? Or did she ever live her in Las Vegas?

Julene said...

I love the picture with "Jaws." Where was that at?