May 22, 2008


I just finished the Twilight series this morning. In all I have to say I liked it. As I read, like in most books I have read, there were times of frustration with certain characters especially the main character in this book. She bugged me at times but there is usually one of those types for me in any book I read. So now that I am done I allowed myself to watch the trailer for the movie. I had to wait till I was done otherwise watching it may have ruined the faces of the characters I had already in my head. I enjoy my imagination more than Hollywood's. So here is a trailer, I don't know if it is official. It was the best one I saw on YouTube, so I hope you enjoy. This will be one to look forward to in December and before that the new book in August.


Don and Kelley said...

Now you have to read, "The Host" by the same author.

The Gunnerson Family said...

I read the last three books in quick succession last summer and really loved them, although I couldn't stand the Bella! I was also having a hard time picturing Edward because he was suppose to be so good-looking and have such an amazing body. I just couldn't mentally picture someone like him and someone like Bella together. So, I loved that trailer. They looked much more like characters that would actually be together than the ones I had in my mind. I am so excited for the movie and for the next book. Thanks for sharing.

Oh, I am so glad to see that Nora is all better. Cute picture. Good job with the tomatoes, it is still to cold here to even plant my garden yet!

Darleen said...

Ooo...that just gave me chills. I'm so excited to see this!!! Edward looks like I imagine and Bella actually looks a lot cuter than I imagine. I hope the movie is as good as the book.

Ritch in Love said...

All in all, I enjoy the books. I don't read them over and over, because I have TOO many books on my list "to read." But I am anticipating the 4th book in August.
I like the character that portrays's Bella I'm not so sure about.
I'm currently reading The Host by Stephanie Meyer and I am somewhat enjoying it. It's taken awhile to get into it, but by page 91 and every page since, I have been excited to read it every day!