May 29, 2008

My Young Super Reader

I really will be better about updating my blog after our family reunion, promise. We plan on leaving this weekend and we will be gone all next week so this may be my last post till I get back.

Well I've realized over the past few weeks that Aubrey at such a tender age of 10 almost eleven months old has a favorite TV show. Aubrey like her older sister has taken a liking to Super Why. She even likes it more than her Baby Einstein videos or Signing Times. I'm hoping this means that she will become a "super reader" at a young age. Only time will tell.

What a cute hiney.


Carolyn said...

Aubrey, you're cute!

Alysia said...

I love that picture of the back of Aubrey. That is so cute!

Darleen said...

What a cutie!! She looks so much like Spencer.

The Roundy's said...

Marleen!! I'm so excited I found your blog! Your daughters are so cute! I tried calling you a couple of times but I think your number is not listed. We should get together sometime soon. We live in UT now.