April 27, 2008

Picnic Giveaway Winner

Shay who said, "You are too cute! I love this idea! I have always wanting a picnic basket and this would be perfect for my family. Of course you should pick me!" Please email me your address through the email on my profile so I can send it your way.

To everyone, this was sooo fun for me. Thank you for those who participated. I hope all of you will do some happy picnicking this year.


Shay said...

YAY! I screaming with delight...honestly. My boys are wondering why I'm so excited...I never win anything. And to win something fantastic from my fabulous cousin. YAY! Yay! Thank you so much. I'm going to give you a call right now! Chat with you soon!

Darleen said...

I'm super jealous! Congrats Shayna!

Julene said...

Congratulations Shayna! I'm glad you won. Let us know how your first picnic went.