April 28, 2008

Composition Books

I just love these whimsy composition books from Paper Source. I'd love them not only for my girls but for me also. In their own words:

A great place to capture notes and doodles. These perfectly packable blank notebooks will inspire any traveler's imagination... Especially good to have for those long family road trips.

You can find them here.


Darleen said...

I need to get something like this for Stella--she loves notebooks to doodle in.

Vicki said...

These would be perfect to have one for each girl and write down daily or weekly or monthly the cute things they say and do. Then you'll have a record, which I don't! Mom G.

nickel said...

That was crazy! I clicked on the link and I actually have two of the notebooks featured there. I keep a running "church" notebook to take to any meetings/conference/enrichment/etc that I take notes in. Sometimes I write my own thoughts, goals, quotes or what I'm learning about in the talk. I love getting those because they are durable so they last forever PLUS they are all the same size so they look cute on my bookshelf!