April 16, 2008


Graduation is coming for many in May and I wanted to give a happy shout out to those in my family who are graduating. The above picture I love not only because it is of my husband but because I think it culminates the feeling of completion after all the hard work. My family is so excited for these great men for working so hard to get their diploma. Clark will graduate in one year and become a DO and move onto his medical specialty after that so I thought I'd include him in the bunch. Sorry guys Sarah will be getting her very own post when I get a decent picture.

top right to left: Chris (w/a BS in Construction Management)and Deveny, James (w/a BA in Philosophy) and Bethany
bottom right to left: Tommy (w/a BA in Psycology) and Amy, Clark (will become a DO in one year)and Tiffany


briggsbunch said...

I think Ryan took that picture! I've always loved that one. It's so cool! Congrats Everyone!

DJ and Stephanie Moss said...

DJ and I are graduating tooo! No worries!

Marleen said...

Ahh, that was one I was not informed on. I am so sorry. I really thought I got everyone.

Mindy said...

I love that pic of Spencer! It really just says it all :)