February 4, 2008

Warming Up the House

My sweet sister-in-law Stephanie will be putting on a housewarming party in a month or so. She called me up to brainstorm about what she should do. These were some ideas we came up with. To welcome quests and quide them to the door luminaries would line the entrance to the home. I like the idea of these reusable luminaries. To make it easy on her the main dishes of the night would be different types of soup with cheese bread. Which also plays on the whole house"warming" feel. She could prepare the soup ahead of time and freeze them until the morning of. The main decorations will be each nicely decorated room in the home but to bring in a color splash, fresh flowers would be strategicly placed around the house. As the quests leave they can take one of these cute info cards to stay in touch with her family. That's all we have so far. Any other thoughts would be appreciated.


liz said...

You're SO creative! I love the ideas you have come up with!

Darleen said...

That sounds so much fun! I wish I could come to her housewarming party--I really want to check out the new mansion. I love the luminary idea.