February 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Stephen!

On the first of this month my brother Stephen had his 24th birthday. Here are a few things you may not know about him:

  • His nickname growing up was Beaver Steaver Cleaver Homer. Never sat well with him.
  • He went on a 3 week humanitarian project in Brazil to build a school for the local children.
  • He owns Las Vegas Book Keeping Co. and will soon be my boss, again.
  • Since high school he has lost a whopping 75 pounds and is looking great!

Happy Birthday Stephen. To show my love for my brother Spencer and I made him this cookie cake from scratch. It was our first attempt and it was a hit. Love you Stephen.


Carolyn said...

Yeah! Happy Birthday Beave!

You know those huge cookies you can buy at the store? I always want them to taste good but they just taste like dirt! So my point is... I KNOW yours was mouth watering good for sure!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Marleen, cookie was great! So good I made mom through the rest away so I wasn't tempted to eat anymore or it (don't worry thats a good thing, it was the best cookie cake ever!)

ps thanks for putting the picture where I look like an idiot ha

Shay said...

YAY! Happy Birthday Stephen!
What a beautiful cookie cake. You are so talented, Marleen!

Mom said...


Great! I'm going to use you from now on for cookie cakes. Yours was the best. We had one on Stephen's real b-day from "Cookie by Design" and the edges were dry and the frosting was not very tasty.

Love, ya Mom