December 28, 2007

Santa Came to Grandma's

This past Christmas Eve before we went out caroling Santa made a stop at Grandma's house. I don't think our girls quite get the whole "Santa coming to town" thing. We talked with Nora before Santa came about what she wanted. She said, "princess stickers". Which are any stickers that have the wonderful Disney characters on them. When Santa came he hugged each child and gave them a candy cane. When he was done he quickly left to go to his next stop of the night. Nora, looking confused, turned to me and with sad wonder said, "stickers?" I couldn't help but laugh. Sometimes it hits me hard how simple things are to her. Her worry was gone when I explained to her that Santa was coming to our house that night and wouldn't forget the stickers then. As for Aubrey, she didn't give Santa the time of day. Not one look in his direction as you can tell in the picture. Next year we will make sure to have them each sit on his lap to get the full Santa experience. In the first picture is one of Nora's favorite cousins Eden and in the next is Ava, Eden's sister.

Bye, bye Santa. Till next year. We will miss you.
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Darleen said...

YAY for Santa! Lucky that he makes a personal stop to grandma's house.