December 6, 2007

Cookbook Search

I have been planning on compiling recipes in a cookbook for my side of the family for a few weeks hoping to get it all together for Christmas. Well, seeing that I have only received a recipe from one person in the family I realize it might take me some time to get the project finished. I have reevaluated and made a new goal to get it done in time to give out at our family reunion next year.
If money were not an issue I would love to go through this company to print the books. Since money is an issue I'd like to ask any of you if you know of any companies that will print family cookbooks for a reasonable price (between $5-10 per book), with low quanity requirements and look really good. Please help.


Darleen said...

I didn't get the email about this family activity. Those cookbooks are really nice. How much are they?

Marleen said...

They range from $26-196. The reason to find some that are cheaper.