March 10, 2009

Clown Ballet

We started Nora up in dance classes again. This time around we went with a place my friend Mindy told me about. This was our second time there. Before we went Nora asked me about 15 times if it was time to go to dance yet.

She really likes to dance.

The students get to dress up every week in something corresponding with that weeks theme. This week was Olivia Saves the Circus, hence the abnoxiously huge bow tie. Nora looked so cute sassing up the ballet floor with her form of clown dance.

"Nora, show me how you point your toe!"


RobandMercedi said...

I love little girls dancing! It sounds like you found a cute studio, what a fun idea that they get to dress up every week! I was never that creative as a teacher.
Nora is so cute! That bow tie looks stunning on her! :)

Darleen said...

Oh Nora! You look so cute. Such a pretty ballerina.

Vicki said...

Nora - I am so happy you get to take dance lessons. You are such a good dancer!!!

The White Clan said...

She is just beautiful!

GaRNiTuRe said...
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The Gunnerson Family said...

I just love the Olivia books, and the new cartoon on Nick Jr. It looks like Nora loves her dance lessons, and is very into helping Olivia save the circus! What a cutie.