February 18, 2009

Under Construction

The main level of my house has a thin layer of brown dust all over it. Part of my Valentine's gift from my husband.

Thanks, honey.

I've been vacuuming all day.

There are still some finishing touches to be done. Pictures will be forthcoming.

Can this be possible? I actually enjoy sweeping my new floor.

Thanks, honey.

Such a sweet face!


Carolyn said...

Does this mean you are getting hard wood floors???? Very exciting! the girls are so precious.

Marleen said...

I'm actually getting flooring that looks like hard wood. Yep, we went the laminate route and it surprisingly is really nice and works well with our home.

Jadi said...

I would love new flooring. However since we are in a rental I guess I can wait. You will have to share pictures of the finished product. I would love to see!

joanna said...

Marleen!!! yes! I cant wait to see the finished product... and to see what will happen with the stairs??? wood.. carpet... wood.. carpet... what a great v day gift Spencer!! p.s. your kids are sooo cute!

Darleen said...

I can't wait until it's finished! Tell Spencer to hurry up...we need final proofing. Aubrey is growing too quickly!

The Gunnerson Family said...

Yay, how exciting! Home improvement projects are always a mess, but worth it in the end. I love that pictues of the girls. How cute are they?

CnK Hansen said...

It's about time you got your flooring! I can't wait to come over and step foot on it! She is sooo adorable! Both of your girls are! And yes this means my blog is up and running!! luv ya