January 11, 2009

Super Healthy Kids

So, although I didn't get to enter in that giveaway since I am a contributor on Simply Healthful, I still got to get a free plate since I ordered from Super Heathy Kids and mentioned the plates here on my blog. Very cool. And, I was so excited to use them I just had to share the kids first meal with you. It really does help remind me how much fruits and veggies I should be putting on their plates. The girls first meal was an avocado salad with dressing and sides of lentil soup (we loved the lentel soup so much we made it again tonight), and whole grain bread. They didn't make it through the whole salad but I was surprised at how much they did eat. I love these new plates!

Heads up there is another giveaway going on over at Simply Healthful. Check it out.


Jas & Cam Fam said...

Holy Cow I wish my kids would eat like that! Kate is my healthy kid but it stops at salad and broccoli. How do you do the lentil soup with kids?!
Did I mention how cool your New Years pictures turned out?!

Heather Lynn said...

Hey Marleen,
Where can I find this lentil soup recipe? And what dressing is on the salad? My kiddos are VERY picky about salad dressings. My oldest eats his salads with no dressing.

Jadi said...

You are inspiring me to feed my kids healthier foods. Thank you!

Marleen said...


I did a post about feeding your kids on Simply Healthful titled, Don't Knock It Tell You Let Them Try It. Check it out. Heather did a post on the blog too titled, Courtesy Serving, that I think you would like.


I'm refining the lentil soup recipe and will put it up on Simply Healthful soon. The dressing shown in the picture, sad to say, was regular ranch dressing. I usually use a ranch dressing by Follow Your Heart. Those are our favorites but I had ran out of that kind. We also like Annie's Green Garlic Dressing (vinegar free).