January 21, 2009

Favorites . . .

My friend tagged me. But, in taking my turn at being tagged (something I don't always look forward to, hint hint), I am changing the tag up so not to take me forever to complete. There have been many a tag I haven't completed. Sorry friends who I've done that to, I still love you.

My Fav's

1. What is your favorite show?

You mean showtune, right?

2. What is your favorite restaurant?

Right now, Bouchon in the Venetian

3. A favorite of yesterday?

Snuggling with my honey

4. Something you look forward to?

Doing some more snuggling tonight

5. A wish at the top of your list?

That Simply Healthful will actually be, in the end, helpful

6. Favorite Person?

Spencer aka "my honey"

Thanks Liz for thinking of me.


Elizabeth said...

You may not like being tagged, but it's fun to read other things about you! Thanks for being a good sport!

mutze handknit by ashley said...

We love trying out new places to eat. Bouchon sounds delicious. We are going to have to go soon. Thanks again for asking Mutze to be in Simply Healthful. That was a lot of fun. Ash