October 23, 2008

Looking For . . .

contributors. I have had this crazy idea in my mind for some time now and I am finally ready to pursue it. I am in the works of creating a health blog. It will be mostly geared toward food choices and recipes but it will also highlight some other important aspects of health (exercise, spirituality, and any other topic that relates to living a healthy life).

So, I am on the prowl for health conscience contributors for the blog.

Are any of you interested?

Keep in mind this is a blog geared about making healthy choices not healthier choices. Let me explain, the blog is not trying to be the next Cooking Light website (instead of using whole milk in this recipe I will make a healthier choice by only using 1 percent milk). I am gearing this blog to be one to help others make healthy choices for themselves and their families on a daily basis.

Still interested or just confused? Read on.

I am looking for contributors that are already thinking outside the American food-diet box. Those who either through formal education, sickness, or just trial and error have realized different ways to live a healthy life.

For those that are interested, email me merrymarleen@gmail.com and let me know what crazy health ideas you have. Know, that I will be selective on choosing contributors - to find those who will "merry" well with the new blog. Don't let that stop you from emailing me though. I would love to hear your thoughts and I will respond to each email I receive.


The Gunnerson Family said...

Sounds like fun, and a lot of work! I am sure it will be great because everything you do turns out wonderful! Hey, thanks for the link to the children's outlet website...I ordered a ton of stuff for the boys.

Darleen said...

It sounds like you need to call on Julene. She has a lot of good healthy choices.

Jadi said...

I hope you do end up creating this blog. I would be a faithful reader. This is one subject I need help on!

Elizabeth said...

That sounds like a great project. I'd be interested in peeking at it since I really need help in that area.

oldangelgirl said...

There's a great talk from BYU's 2007 Education week you might be interested in. Go to this link: http://www.byub.org/edweek/archive.asp and click on
the first talk entitled "Body and Soul: Feel Fit and Fabulous..." It's amazing.