June 3, 2010

Mother-in-law Gift?

Ahh, I'm pretty sure you win Spencer. Favorite son-in-law status is all yours.

So my husband whipped this garden bridge out over a period of 5 days working about 26 hours. Did I mention he looked at a picture said, "I like that one." and drew out his own pattern of it?

Also, after he finished at 11:30pm he drove over to my mom's house and carried it into her backyard. She's in for a sweet surprise tomorrow morning.


Jadi said...

WOW! Tell Spencer I think he did a great job! He could start a side business. I also love the picture of Nora reading the paper. She has the cutest personality!

Vicki said...

That's my boy - a chip off the old block! Beautiful, Spencer!

mutze handknit by ashley said...

Go Spencer. That is amazing. I am seriously impressed. I had so much fun swimming with you and your girls the other day. Call me if you want to go this week or next. Ash

Elizabeth said...

I love it that Spencer is crafty! It looks great, what a nice present.