May 13, 2009

All Fairytales End

Nora's ballet classes have come to an end this session and it has been so fun and magical. These are the pictures from Aladdin week, which was one of my favorites. Take note at Nora's perfect form. I can't help but be a proud mama. Now we are getting ready for swim lessons. Wish us luck!

Aubrey rubbing the magic genie lamp just like her older sister.

Nora's sweet dance teachers, one who played Aladdin.


Carolyn said...

Nora, you make a perfect ballerina! I can tell you really try your best even out to your fingers.

Vicki said...

What a pretty dancer Nora is!

Darleen said...

Oh so cute!! She does have a perfect form.

The Gunnerson Family said...

I am glad that she enjoyed it so much. I'll bet she is ready for the next session to start already!